An efficient solution for your business is website development on the Tilda platform

Website creation on Tilda

студия создания сайтов на Тильда
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A Tilda website is of importance if you:

are a small business owner
have limited budget
feel stressed about moving a business into online
want to profit quickly
are ready to test a new marketpalce
have a willing to make some changes yourself
We are offering
A wide range of services for our customers: from a website development to a further support

Why us?

We create well-designed and efficient webstores, landings, corporate sites and web business cards. Our projects excel in high speed of work, technical elaboration and quality of realization of functional elements.

Websites are effective, customized for mobile phones and user-friendly. For creating websites, we use only up-to-date programming technology, layout and technical optimization.
We are all set to implement function any degree of complexity.
- are unconfident about moving into online business and lose one's potential customers

Our websites are specially made for those who:

- are upon the look for the company with experience in creating efficient, moneymaking projects and is work-ready
Here you can observe our works, made with Tilda and other popular CMS
Our portfolio

Working steps on Tilda

Filling out the brief

We contact you in any convenient way, form the collective vision of the project and draw up the technical requirements


We analyze the project, form the structure on Tilda and decide on what kind of website needs to be done

Content creation

We prepare the basic content required for the primary site filling


We form the visual conception of all the pages, using prototype and text as the basis. Graphical presentation is created


We export all the graphical elements to the Tilda platform and configure the necessary functions


After agreeing on all the stages, we open the site for indexing by search engines and transfer access
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Why Tilda?

The benefits of using websites on Tilda for your business:
Using the constructor can prevent your development cost

Affordable price

Make all the necessary edits in the website easier with the
user-friendly control system

Ease of operation

An excellent opportunity to enter the market quickly. Turnkey website launch faster than usual CMS

The speed of development

Few things about creating a website:

To be worthy of competition in the marketplace, you need to study the issue, analyze the rivals and provide users with the necessary information to perform the targeted action in the correct order.
It is impossible to make such processes in 1 day.

Even the prettiest website wouldn’t be a moneymaker if the “order” button is situated in the wrong place.

Make your website in 1 day

Yes, you can make a small online store and Tilda will fit into this aim great. But for a big amount of wares Tilda’s resources are not enough. You’ll have some troubles with customer service (description, product characteristics, price changes and and so on).

For well-grown online stores it’s better to use OpenCart, Wordpress, Prestashop and other programmes for online retailing.

Contact us and we will consult you for the best choice.

Online store made with Tilda for 10 000 wares

but you have hardly a chance to make it right and quick. You can buy an account and deal with it on your own, spending a lot of time and nerves. Or you can approach the company where the members have already learned all this stuff.

Save your time and nerves. We understand that you are the business owner and have a lot to do… Let us worry about your website!

It’s easy to make a website yourself,

In our portfolio you can find the projects made with Tilda and other popular CMS systems
What is Tilda?
Tilda is a constructor, which includes a huge amount of thought-out blocks. When used correctly, it can solve a greater part of the problems. 

Should I create a website on Tilda?
Definitely yes, if you have a little project. Tilda serves to be helpful for small projects and is a comfortable place for creating landing pages. Using the constructor one can quickly make any landing page, web business card, promo site, personal and service websites, even a small online store.
What does a website on Tilda cost per year? 
We advise you to choose an annual subscription:

  • Personal - 300 UAH per month or 2400 UAH per year;
  • Business - 500 UAH per month or 4800 UAH per year.
What is included into the cost of a turnkey website on Tilda? 
  1. Drawing up a technical requirement;
  2. Elaboration the structure of the site;
  3. Responsive design and website development;
  4. Creation of Favicon;
  5. Connecting to Google Analytics;
  6. Setting up basic SEO optimization.
How long does it take to create a website on Tilda?
A one-page landing can be made in 4-5 days. Multipage websites take longer (from 10 days). The term and cost of website development on Tilda is influenced by:
  1. Complexity of design;
  2. Number of pages;
  3. Number of blocks per page;
  4. The need to fill the site with goods or services;
  5. Availability of functionality.
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