10 mistakes during a website creation on Tilda yourself

Website development is a laborious and sometimes expensive process that newbies are trying to reduce by independent working. Usually Tilda is used for these purposes - an advanced and simple constructor, the mastering of which does not take much time.

The idea of making your own site on Tilda in a couple of days seems attractive to many business owners. However, in reality, this can turn out to be a waste of time and energy due to the lack of suitable skills and knowledge about the work of the designer. The main mistakes when creating a website for beginners are as follows.

Тарифы на Тильда

Adaptation of building blocks

Building blocks are built-in Tilda templates that you can use as a basis for developing your own website. You can add your images, videos, text, colors, etc. to the block.

The problem is that it can be problematic to adapt building blocks and customize them to your own site style. In addition, there are a lot of building blocks, which makes it difficult to use them organically and customize the navigation on the site right.

Difficulties with Zero blocks

Zero block is an editor that makes it possible to implement various blocks for developing the adaptation skills of the site and introducing new elements into each of them.
They do not have a lack of functionality, on the contrary, these blocks have complex design developments that allow you to develop an individual website design. However, it is difficult to work with them without design skills, since Zero blocks are intended for non-standard compositions.

Убираем значок Тильда внизу сайта
Design with Zero Block

Lack of SSL certificate

Customer data protection and increase of client’s trust to the site occurs through the connection
of SSL certificates. However, in reality, they are not always included, and this is one of the standard mistakes beginners make when
creating a website. Beginners are either not aware of the need to use them at all or do not know how to work with DNS servers and
A-records, for which you need to configure
the IP address of the Tilda server.
Настройки сайта Тильда
Tilda makes it possible to configure work over the https protocol.

The site is not adapted for mobile devices

Even experienced programmers can have problems creating a website on Tilda on their own, and this is one of such cases.
It occurs when a technician is collecting a resource on a computer, but forgets to see how the content will look on mobile platforms. Meanwhile, the convenience of the usage when working with the site directly depends on this.

Боковое меню настроек Тильда
Initial tests can be configured in a browser,
but the final version is worth looking at on real mobile devices.

Lack of unique content

Search engine ranking algorithms are regularly updated, which forms a large number of requirements for content posted on the site. Uniqueness is extremely important in it, the presence of which provides a higher chance of getting a resource to the top of search results. Typical mistakes when creating a site boil down to the fact that newbies do not think about the quality of the content, trying to get the site up-and-running as soon as possible and posting materials from other sources on it.

Slow page loading speed

This is often due to the graphics that are displayed on the site seeking the high quality of the posted photos. Because of the "heavy" images, the site takes a long time to load, and clients, without waiting for its final loading, simply close the window and go to competitors.

At the same time, Tilda makes it possible to post high-quality images on the site without losing the loading speed, which far from all the newbie programmers know about. Usability errors, leading to the refusal of users to familiarize themselves with the content of the site, seriously affect its promotion in search results and the ability to attract potential customers.

Connecting a third-party service

Tilda makes it possible to connect your own or third-party services, however, during their integration, you must follow the order of working with the script. The task is especially complicated when it is necessary to connect a service that does not have integration with the online constructor, since in this case you will have to integrate it yourself.

Animation development

Many newbies give up on animated images, believing that they have too serious subject for this. Meanwhile, live animations add brightness and dynamism to the site, allowing you to place accents in the right places, increasing the degree of communicative interaction with the user. Tilda allows you to customize an interactive site to work with a client, however, for this, the user needs design skills to create animations in Zero Block.

Setting up redirects

Redirects are used to provide redirection processes from an irrelevant domain or URL page to actual version. It is used in connection with the transfer of a site to another domain, technical changes in the spelling of the address, deletion of pages, etc. The absence of a redirector leads to contacts of the user with an irrelevant page, which reduces the likelihood of their further exploring of the site.
Setting up redirects and other important indexes is carried out as part of the SEO service for a site on Tilda

Ill-conceived structure

This is one of the common technical mistakes that beginners make when trying to get started building a website as soon as possible.
In fact, this leads to a lack of structure, navigation, content plan, which will require serious alterations and new investments in the future. This leads to the need for preliminary calculations related to the formation of the website concept and its structure.

The rookie mistakes can cost an arm and a leg for website owners in the future, which makes it important to involve a team of specialists in its creation in the present. To prevent typical errors, reduce possible costs and obtain stable conversion, you can safely contact the specialists of the 16-web company.
We have experience in creating various types of sites on Tilda and connecting various services and other «goodies».
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