Tilda or WordPress?

Tilda and WordPress are two popular website builders
Business owners, freelancers, web studios and agencies, as well as newcomers to IT, are wondering: which is better — a site on Tilda or WordPress? These are two site builders and part-time CMSs (content management system). Each of them has pros and cons for solving specific problems.

Understanding which is better - Tilda or WordPress for business can save money and increase conversion. For IT professionals it helps to get cases and satisfied customers.

What is a website builder and why is it needed?

Конструктор сайтов Word Press
Website builder WordPress
Online website builder is a service for collecting web pages from ready-made blocks. The use of the basic functions does not require any knowledge of layout and programming.

It supports selection of the wishful design, navigation, content filling in real time. This is a universal solution for projects of different complexity levels:

  • makes it possible for even a person with no experience to relatively quickly create a resource and launch it.
  • allows you to collect multi-page sites with a lot of content.

In this case, the modules are stored in the «cloud», and the site is placed on a shared hosting. Website launch does not require any expenses for a constructor - only the use of additional infrastructure (plugins, hosting, memory expansion) is paid for. It is an advanced web development tool to help you build websites faster and cheaper, compared to the development from scratch.

To whom: Tilda and WordPress

Что выбрать Tilda или WordPress
To whom: Tilda and WordPress
Tilda, combined with an experienced marketer, is capable of handling many business problems. It is suitable for those cases when the role is not played by the custom of the resource, but a clear purpose of the site and the right calls to action. Based on this, we can conclude that WordPress is not optimal for small sites, since there is no further support, and there may be problems with updating the content.

Many people like Tilda because the presented templates are not bad, tasteful and pleasant to work with. At the same time, large constructors with a long history inspire more confidence if you need to create a large-scale project.

Of course, it cannot be guaranteed that WordPress will disappear sooner or later, but it cannot be ranked alongside the commercial projects that appear every year.

What to choose and when is it better to use simple constructors:

  1. You need to create a separate website/landing page for the presentation of a new product or service, the announcement of the event.
  2. It is planned to make a business card site for general acquaintance of clients with the mission and advantages of the company without additional publishing of content.
  3. When a small business owner or entrepreneur wants to create a web resource at no extra cost.
  4. By the development of a landing page for a promotion, when there will be one or two calls to action on the web page (subscribe, buy, order, leave a request).
  5. On Tilda, you can create stunning longreads with many screens - an interesting format for setting up an attractive story, biography, step-by-step manual or investigation, travel or any other online brochure.
Based on this, we can say that Tilda's audience is representatives of small businesses and journalists. The platform is suitable for beginners in the web development sphere.

But if you need a serious online store, portal, forum, then WordPress is still «on horseback» all over the world. But here you need to be careful: although the constructor has many plugins from third-party developers for unlimited expansion of functionality - the more you add this, the more difficult it is to keep the site's security at the proper level.

What’s the difference between Tilda and WordPress

Чем отличается Tilda от WordPress
Choosing a website on Tilda or Wordpress
About 39% of sites in the world are placed on WordPress. But in some cases, this CMS is not so in demand if you do not need a multisite or content blog, but you need to create a landing page or business card site.

Considering the differences between Tilda and WordPress, let's define the advantages and disadvantages of Tilda:

Tilda is easier and faster to learn at a basic level - advantage;
The site is not placed on your hosting. If you are not the owner of the Business tariff, then you will not be able to download the site and transfer it to another site - disadvantage;
Tilda's monthly hosting costs can often be more expensive than hosting a site on your own - disadvantage;
There is no additional cost for the purchase of a constructor and template. Tilda already has everything in the set - advantage;
There is tech support ready to solve technical issues with the constructor. With Wordpress, a person is left without help and is forced to pay for help to third-party developers or look for a solution on the
forums — advantage.

Summing up:

Due to its simplicity, convenient admin panel and a wide selection of settings, Tilda has become a competitor for older and large-scaled systems. Therefore, making a website on Tilda or WordPress is an important point to think about before starting a project.

If you need help with the realization of a project on Tilda, please contact our specialists.

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