Which is better:
a website or
a landing page?

Many entrepreneurs often wonder what type of site they need. And they end up choosing between a landing page and a multi-page site. Let's try to figure out how a landing page differs from a website: what is the difference between them, the pros and cons of each option.

What is a landing page for?

что такое лендинг
Example of Landing Page
Landing page is a one-page site, the task of which is to obtain customer contact information for further processing by managers.

Landing page is created specifically for sales. On such sites, there is no way to go to other sections or pages. When a visitor enters a one-page site, he has only 2 available options:

  1. to leave the landing page
  2. to make target action

That is why well-designed landing pages have a high percentage of achieving targeted actions. You define yourself the target action that will be the key for your business,and do everything so that the action is achieved by as many site visitors as possible. For example, for wholesale companies, the most important action is filling out a brief or an application form for cooperation.For retail sales, the main goal will be to receive payment for the product.

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Target action options:

  • Online shopping
  • Registration of the application
  • Callback order
  • Download files or documents
  • Watching a video

What is a website for?

Цель создания сайта
The site serves as an informational assistant to your resource visitors and helps them to get to know your company better and become a client. The site allows you to cover a wider range of user needs and offer the necessary goods and services. Typically, multi-page sites contain the following types of pages: home, about the company, sections of goods / services, blog, news, promotions, contacts and others.

The main tasks of the site:

  1. Introduce potential customers to the company's products / services
  2. Sale of goods / services
  3. Maintain the image
  4. Notify about new products, services
  5. Build a loyal customer base

Deciding on: a website or a landing page?

Многостраничник или Landing Page
As you have already seen, each of the options is designed to solve a specific business problem:

Multi-page sites allow you to cover more of the audience. If you need to build and consolidate trust in a company or brand, as well as regularly notify customers about new products and services, it is recommended to use a standard website.

Landing Page can be launched quickly, testing is convenient. Most of those who need quick results choose a landing page. Such a site will allow you to quickly start and receive applications.

Good luck in sites promotion!
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