What is a web business card and why is it needed?

A business card site is a small site that can consist of one or more pages located on the same domain and are linked by style and structure. A web business card can be imagined as an ordinary business card transferred to an e-form.

Why do you need a business card site?

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What business card website looks like?

Its main purpose is self-presentation of a company or person. It helps the client to find necessary information about the company and service, product. A business card site usually contains only the most useful and important information. For companies that are just at the start, it makes no sense to order the development of a large portal or website. At the stage of initial formation, a one-paged site will be just enough.

How to define a business card site?

Цель создания сайта
Promo site development

Determining that you have a business card site in front of you is not difficult. The main differences are:

  1. Detailed information about the work of the company, the provided services. The main information, of course, will be the contact details of the company, phone numbers, social media pages. Additionally, you can tell about the history of creation, benefits, promotions, goodies for the client.
  2. Site volume. Such sites are limited and, if you need to disclose a lot of information in detail, it is still better to choose another format.
  3. Simple design. Usually, business cards are created when the budget is limited, and it is necessary to convey basic information about a company, product or service.
  4. Few working functions. From the working functions on sites of this format, it is enough to create a call button,  go to a page on social networks. For more complex functions, such as a customer's personal account, etc. it is better to order a website with more advanced functionality.

Advantages of a business card website

Многостраничник или Landing Page
The example of promo site

The main advantages of a business card site include:

  • Fast start. It doesn't take a lot of time to make a web business card. Projects like these start up pretty quickly. Terms are determined on an individual basis, depending on the topic of the project.
  • Simple functionality. The site contains only the most necessary things, there are no complicated problems, as with other sites.
  • Low development cost. The simplicity of the functionality and the insignificant volume of the site reduce the time required to create the site, that is reflected in the cost of the project. That is why many companies and private specialists choose this site format.
  • Communication with the target audience. The launch of advertising allows you to bring potential customers to your site, provide quick acquaintance with a product, service or company;
  • Content update frequency. There is no need to frequently update the content.The information will need to be updated if only any fundamental changes occur, for example, a change of address or a change in the type of business of the company.

How to create a web business card?

You can create a business card site in the following ways:
  1. order the development of a business card site from a web studio. This is the most reliable way, since you will entrust your project to professionals.
  2. independently, with the help of free or paid builders, writing a website using Html, CSS.
  3. resort to the help of a freelancer, but there is a risk that the project will be done poorly
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Who is a business card site suitable for?
Such sites are universal and suitable for everyone who is interested in presenting their business on the Internet and searching for potential customers (partners).
How much does it cost to make a business card website?
You may be offered to create a cheap business card website, but it will be a template version or a hastily assembled site that will not differ much from similar sites on your subject. A good business card site is not cheap, but such a cost of work is fully justified by the result that you get in total. We will be able to name the exact cost of development after the brief is completed.
Where to order a business card website?
Web studio 16 Web is pleased to offer its services for creating a business card site using the Tilda constructor. Take a look at our portfolio to make sure that we should be entrusted with your project.

How to promote a business card site in search engines?
To promote the web business card, contextual advertising and SEO promotion are used. Contextual advertising is aimed directly at the "hot" target audience and traffic can be received immediately after the launch of the advertising campaign.
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